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The Diversity Race To Improve Human Relations

The Diversity Race to Improve Race Relations(TM) is a Global Diversity Awareness Campaign. Highlights of the campaign are; The Diversity Race(TM) - Marathon, and The Diversity Race(TM) - Global Tea Room Tour.

The Diversity Raceís 26.2k Marathon is being organized and slated to open for registration early in 2018.

The purpose of the campaign is to emphasize the importance of embracing diversity; to provide education and raise awareness about human relations in America and abroad; to significantly ease diversity related tensions, i.e., racial, cultural, gender, age, religion, colorism, and socio-economical; and to identify the sensitivities surrounding diversity.

The Diversity Raceís 2017, Intimate Workshop Series and Global Tea Room Tour will kick off on January 27th, 2017. We invite up to 10 key persons from the community who will discuss and take next steps toward making a positive impact on improved human relations, diversity and inclusion, and tolerance in our world. There will be educational platforms, gala's, conferences, entertainment, lectures, workshops, seminars, PSA's and more.

Put your company at the forefront of diversity awareness, acceptance, equality, humanity, and the importance improved race relations. Just a few of the benefits to your organization include celebrity entertainment and participation, social media marketing and hashtag campaigns, print and televised publicity, corporate luncheons, banners, merchandising, internet cafe, and several sponsorship opportunities! Our Mission is to create, coordinate and organize events that will improve race relations, raise awareness about diversity acceptance and ease cultural and racial tensions in the U.S. and abroad. To volunteer, donate, sponsor or for more information, please send your inquiry to info@thediversityrace.com.

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