Event Entertainment

Music - Precise Management Company is organizing an array of music representative of artists from around the globe. The objective of the musical theme is to demonstrate how exciting it is to stimulate our senses through a variation of music genres and cultures.

Stay tuned for The Diversity Race VIP Reconnect Event!

Join a VIP audience, network, learn and enjoy the evening!

Stay tuned to hear about world-renowed guests that will be making ground-breaking speeches and providing entertainment!

One week prior to the race we will pamper guests by day with Spa packages, Fitness sessions and a sportswear fashion show. By nightfall, guests will attend a grand gala featuring world-class entertainment, fine dining, revered speakers and dancing.


Speaking Engagements

Raise Awareness About The Importance of Improved Human Relations and Ease Cultural And Racial Tensions In Your Organization. Create a Healthier and More Productive Team !

Make a Meaningful Contribution to Society Today by Helping to Improve Human Relations!

Book A Speaker!

Have a candid discussion about improving human and Human Relations! Conversations about culture, diversity and inclusion can be quite awkward.

Let us provide you with a meaningful alternative to passing out generic literature that barely scratches the surface or have staffers run a bland software application that glosses over these important subjects. Those are highly ineffective ways to reach and positively impact communities in a way that will affect change.

Real people respond to real people and this is especially true with such emotional matters.

Our speakers are sensitive, knowledgeable, highly motivated and can drive the message of diversity and inclusion home in a unique and life altering way.

Because our passion is to truly help improve race, human and cultural relations, we work on a sliding scale fee basis so that we can reach as many people as possible.

Please contact us today to book a speaker.

Email us at: or call The Diversity Race™ at: 615-300-3762.

Thank you!

Berenice Mabrey-Ojo, CEO
The Diversity Race to Improve Human Relations™