Diversity is Important!


Our variegated society is the spice of all of our lives! Diversity is the term used to describe the relative uniqueness of each individual in the population. It is considered favorable, as the greater variety of genes available to the genetic algorithm, the greater the likelihood of the system identifying alternative solutions.

True diversity requires us to be open-minded, tolerant, accepting, embracing, interested, curious, fearless, vulnerable, to unwind, to break-free of stereo-typical thinking, and to be less inhibited.

Once we adopt the idea that diversity is not simply about race, money and customs, we can delve into the core meaning and essence of the word. We can grasp true appreciation for one another, willingly extend ourselves, and honestly care about subjects outside of our comfort zones.


Some of the Heros who believed change was possible were average people like you and me who had a vision and followed it through.

The list includes, but surely is not limited to;

  • Barack Obama – First African American President of the United States of America
  • Michelle Obama – First African American First Lady of the United States of America
  • Sarah Palin – 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate chosen by Presidential Candidate
  • Susan B. Anthony – American Activist instrumental in passing of the 19th amendment
  • Abraham Lincoln – 16th President of the United States
  • Martin Luther King – Father of the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement
  • John Brown – Abolitionist
  • Bruce I. Yamashita – Japanese American lawyer and former US Marine Corps officer
  • Sonya Soto mayor – First Hispanic Supreme Court Justice
  • Nelson Mandela – Responsible for ending apartheid in South Africa